The California Polytechnic

Digital Publication

The California Polytechnic was part of an interactive publication class project. The task was to create a 8 page DPS in four separate sections, or "articles". Within the DPS, we had to include interactive scrolling elements, slideshows, and more using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Materials + Process

After seeing the Cal Poly archival photos on


, I became absolutely fascinated with the history of my university and wanted an excuse to learn more (yes, I am a history nerd). I recieved permissions from the Special Collections office to use the photos in the publication, and began selecting photos that centered on topics I found most compelling. After designing both horizontal + vertical layouts for each page, I added interactivity to make the publication an enjoyable experience for the user. Key pages included a full timeline of Cal Poly's history, and an article from the San Luis Obispo tribune about the Poly Royal Riot of 1990.

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