Graphic Communication Week

Event Branding

Graphic Communication Week is the premiere event held by the Graphic Communication department each year. For one week, all GRC classes and labs are cancelled so that students can attend seminars held by prominent members of the Graphic Communication industry. The week of speaking engagements and panels culminates with the Graphic Communication Week banquet, which is attended by over 150 students, professors, staff, and industry leaders. As a design student assistant for the Graphic Communication department, I led the design production efforts for this event.

Branding + Event Promotion

After the event theme of "Rooted in Print" was chosen, it was decided that an analog, retro look would best convey the theme of the event. David Jang created the gorgeous hand lettered logotype to be used throughout the event branding. Promotional posters featuring the logotype were posted across the department 2 weeks before the event began.

Materials + Process

As the event branding continued to evolve, a muted color palette loosely tied to the CMYK ink used in printing presses was chosen for all the design collateral. The main brand colors of navy blue and mustard yellow were chosen for their contrast and versatility. A modern-era serif typeface was chosen to further convey the vintage look of the event theme. Various pieces were also created specifically for the banquet, including a schedule of events, slides, and vertical banners.

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