Swap App

UI/UX Design

Swap is a ficticious app created for a senior mobile design course. The app empowers students to buy + sell their used furniture, textbooks, apartment decor, electronics, and more within their own college town.


After submitting an app concept proposal, the next step was to flesh out the app's core functions using a black + white UX wireframe. Each frame represents a screen the user would encounter when performing a certain action. The key functions included creating a profile, uploading a listing, and purchasing a listing. After multiple rounds of feedback, other functions like user profiles and ratings were included.

UI Design

Once the UX was complete, I designed a UI skin to make the app user friendly and visually appealing. The bright teal gradients create a fresh + modern appearance that appeals to students. Use of large images and minimal type both draw the viewer while keeping the experience as simple as possible.

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